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    Delete Sitelist.xml

      I recently updated our EPO from 4.0 to 4.5 and updated all the agents to from 4.0 to 4.5 as well. However, it seems some of them didn't get the new sitelist.xml. I have tried to delete the sitelist.xml because i heard that it will just pull down the new one. When i try to delete it i get an access denied error message. Im guessing that one of the mcafee services is holding onto it. I cannot stop the services because thats how i have it turned on in the EPO.


      So my question to you is, how do i get all of my machines to update with the new sitelist.xml? It's correct on the server. I have tried a kix script that loads at bootup but it didn't delete the file either (kix script is a high level batch file).


      So, can you help?

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          That article is for epo server 3 and im running 4.5. I am looking in the agent properties for 4.5 and i see where it states "use this repository list" and "use order in repository list" but i cannot find any inherit or the like...

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            Attila Polinger

            It is Solution 2 in the article that I intended to highlight (but did not do that, sorry). It is applicable for you MA 4 and above.

            As I saw your intent was to replace the sitelist on many systems, because they did not get it from the new ePO server for some reason.



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              I have approx 6 different lists all seperated by subnets. This would be a difficult task to make a batch file that selected what subnet they where on and then what file to run. I'm just going to wait and see if it clears its self up (for the time being).


              If anyone is intrested.


              (Batch File)

              @ECHO OFF
              REM: Clears the screen



              for /f "tokens=2 delims=:" %%a in ('ipconfig ^| find /i "IP Address"') do set IP=%%a
              set IP=%IP: =%%
              for /f "tokens=1-4 delims=." %%a in ("%IP%") do (
                set Octett1=%%a
                set Octett2=%%b
                set Octett3=%%c
                set Octett4=%%d
                set YourNumber=%%a.%%b.%%c


              REM: Corporate
              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.00" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate
              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.00" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate
              IF "%yournumber%"=="199.42.00" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate

              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.10" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate

              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.00" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate
              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.100" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate
              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.100" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate

              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.100" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate
              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.20" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate
              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.2" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate
              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.0" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate
              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.00" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate
              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.00" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate

              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.00" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate

              IF "%YourNumber%"=="199.42.00GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate
              IF "%YourNumber%"=="192.168.00" GOTO :Corporate

              REM: Corporate
              IF "%YourNumber%"=="192.168.00" GOTO :Corporate


              ECHO This could take a long time over a dial-up or VPN connection. Please decide what you would like to do.

              ECHO 1 - Install Mcafee Agent Update

              ECHO 2 - Exit the program

              set /p userinp=choose a number(1-2):
              set userinp=%userinp:~0,1%
              IF "%userinp%"=="1" goto :111
              IF "%userinp%"=="2" goto :222

              ECHO invalid choice
              GOTO :catchall

              GOTO :Corporate

              GOTO :Exit

              REM: Server

              Set ip=Server

              GOTO :Regedit




              @ECHO McAfee Agent Update

              CALL "Location of Agent update "
              GOTO :EXIT



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                If the client machines are communicating with the server correctly, then a quick and dirty approach is simply to make the ePO server think that the sitelist has changed. Simply add a dummy distributed repository - the details can be junk, it's only going to exist for a few moments - and then delete it again. This will update the timestamp on the sitelist but make no functional change, causing all the clients to request the new list.


                HTH -



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                  The backstory:

                       We had an EPO server (4.0) and the server was just having a lot of issues. So we wiped and reloaded with EPO 4.5 and then added all the agents back. Once again agents upgraded from 4.0 to 4.5. Now a lot of the agents have the old site-list with the wrong "keys" in them. So they will not talk to the same repositorys they had before, or even update thier list to the new one. Im not sure if they will update their list when they wouldn't even pull a new list from a new server.


                  If my rambling made any sense, please let me know if you need additional information.

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                    Ah - that's a different kettle of fish

                    If the keys don't match then they won't be communicating, so that trick won't work.

                    Depending on your environment you could try this:


                    1) In the ..\DB\Keystore folder on the server, locate the sr<servername>.zip file

                    2) Extract srpubkey.bin and reqseckey.bin from this to a temporary location

                    3) Copy the sitelist.xml from the ..\DB folder to the same temporary location

                    4) Copy these three files to a temp folder (e. c:\keys) on the client machine

                    5) On the client machine, locate frminst.exe

                    6) Then from a command prompt, execute:


                    FRMINST /Install=agent /siteinfo=c:\keys\sitelist.xml


                    This will hopefully install the new sitelist and keys, allowing the agents to communicate.


                    Alternatively, force uninstall the agent from the affected machines, and then install the framepkg from the new ePO server - a simpler but less elegant approach


                    Regards -



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                      we are talking about more machines than 1 or 2 machines (Hundreds). I will have to figure a way out how to put it into a server share and link it to that. Thanks for the info. Once i get this complete and tested and all that fun stuff i will give points where points are due...

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                        I was able to turn off access protection and then run a batch file that went to machines a delete the Sitelist.xml. But some of them are still giving the error even after i deleted the sitelist.xml.  I even watched it generate a new sitelist. Any ideas?


                        Error Code :Unable to find valid repository
                        Site Name:ePO_ServerNameHere
                        Initiator ID:EPOAGENT3000
                        Initiator Type:DeploymentTask

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