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    Web Filtering questions

      We've got ToPS 5.0 and we have checked off the obvious Content Catagories in the Content Rules tab to block.



      Sexual Materials

      Just wondering what other content catagories others are checking or recommend to be checked.



      Other question is there a way to prevent a user from disabling the Site Advisor in Internet Explorer.

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          I guess, Whatever categories you have already turned on are good enough. As those kinds of websites are the major sources of malware.


          As far as preventing users from disabling the Site Advisor is concerned, yes you can do so. Under the Policy page, Browser settings, Just uncheck the options under Browser Protection Status where it says Allow users to enable/disable Browser protection.



          Thank you





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            Thats what I was thinking also as far as the catagories, those kinds are the major ones with malware.


            I do have the allow users to enable/disable browser protection unchecked but users can still go into manage addins in IE and disable it.

            now I don't have the automatic installation checked, could this have the affect of users being able to disable it.

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              Yeah I am aware of that route where users can just disable the plugins.



              How about enabling the Enable/Disable option by using a passsword ? I am sure it will ask for a password when they try doing that ?

              Ofcourse, No one would be given access to this password that you would set.



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                I tried the option and set a password. users can still disable.

                it just prompts the user that internet explorer needs to restart for change to take affect.

                then you open up IE and site advisor is disabled.