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    McAfee Backup...  Automatic (Windows 7) Uninstall on Windows XP


      For the last few days (up to 12 May 2010), whenever I boot up I get a warning message stating that McAfee Backup and Restore has been Automatically Uninstalled (presumably as part of a silent Total Protection Suite update).  When I click the link provided for more information, I get a Product Advisory page explaining that 'McAfee Backup and Restore will not work on Microsoft® Windows® 7.'  That may be so, but I'm using Windows XP (fully patched) - not Windows 7.  The message goes on to say I should download a standalone version of the backup software.  This I have done, but McAfee keeps automatically uninstalling it, somehow thinking I am using Windows 7.  This suggests there is a major problem in the McAfee O/S sniffer, which is rather scary given that the McAfee Suite needs to get lots more than the O/S right to do its job correctly.  Is there a fix in progress?