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    cant deploy DLP Agent



      with the prob to deploy Mcaffe agent by using  EPO 4.5, i try to instal  it manually  in the client computer ,but i stoped by error  : "The specified Sitelist is  invalid. McAfee Agent Setup will not continue." so can  you help me to resolve this problem.



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          Hello Youssef,


          It's always good to know the following details:

          Operating System Version?

          Service Pack Version?

          Host DLP Version and Patch#?

          ePO Version and Patch#?

          Agent Version & Patch#?

          Any other McAfee Products running on the same machine?


          There are couple of KB Articles mentioning your error. Don't know if its helpful in this situation without additional information. Here is it anyway:





          Hope this helps

          best of luck






          on 13/5/10 7:30:08 PM GST
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            tnx for your answer,



            for your questions:


            client computer       : windows XP proffesionnel service pack 3

            EPO server             :epo server 4.5 patch 1  instaled on windows server 2003 R2 entreprise edition pack 2

            Host DLP                : McAfee.Host.Data.Loss.Prevention.v9.0 patch ?

            mcafee  AGENT       :  Version:

            and i dont use any others product of mcafee (for you information i do that in virtuel computers),so if you have some articals to help me for your information i'm a new in this word.




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              Could you try the first link from the previous post. looks like it. please post back results

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                the same error persists, i dont know what i can do to resolve it, just i want to tell you a question:



                the communication bettwen epo server and clients ensure by domain name, in other words to belay  that mcafee agent will be deployed the epo server and clients must be on the same domain ?




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                  Hello Yousuf,


                  It's not neceaary that both the agent and ePO server to be on the same domain. In our network, we have ePO server which is part of our domain and manages domain clients as well as standalone clients.


                  For standalone clients, do not use any credentials when you export the agent from the ePO server for installing. As long as there is network connectivity, agent will communicate with server and sync policies, filters and updates.


                  I've not tested this with Host DLP though. I presum it will, considering the fact that VirusScan, Anti-Spyware, McAfee Agent, Engines, Patches, Signatures, SiteAdvisor, etc... works.




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                    HI ,


                    tnx for your answer, but the problem persist so i chose other solution  deploy agent DLP by epo directily , when  i go to systeme tree to select a client for deploying it ,nothing appear just domain name.


                    best regards