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    Real time scan disabled in safemode.

      For the past one month, whenver i ran a fullscan,my computer froze at 81% scan. I tried running it in safe mode, but in safe mode mcafee real time virus scan is off, and iam unable to turn it on. in normal mode, mcafee runs the scheduled scan completely, and it did detect trojans in my internet temp folder. os i use is vista, and at 81% full scan it gets stuck at c:\windows\winsxs\...


      and it does not block viruses, and in the past one month, i had to reinstall mcafee 4 times because security center didnot work. also in safe mode my windows firewall in not running. what should i do to fix the problem?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi bcvaidyanath,

          Most of the security programs would be disabled in safe mode as its special diagnostic mode where the computer boots with minimal drivers.

          Regarding the scan  stopping at 81 %, check whether there exists any zipped folder in the location where the scan stops .


          Here is another step, we could do . Navigate to that location right click and scan that particular file alone and check the status.

          Along with your next post please provide certain details such as

          What is the operating system of the computer?

          What is the DAT version of security center ?

          How old is the computer ?





          Dinesh K

          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            os is widows vista, my comp is 8 months old. security center DAT version is 5982.0.


            I tried doing manual scan for that particular folder, my comp froze at around 50% scan. It is a folder in the program files, and i dont think there are any zip files in it.


            Thanks in advance

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              Open security center and let me know the exact error message : Am I protected YES or Your computer is secure (to find out the version of security center)

              Navigate to control panel and C:\program file & common files and delete if you have any other security software.

              Was the computer affected by malware previosuly ?





              Dinesh K

              McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                Security center shows Am I rpotected Yes.

                I have no other security software.

                Yes, Some malware tried to access the system, turned off the  firewall disabled mcafee scan. I had to restore the system, and re-install mcafee. this has happened 4 times in the past 3 months. The  malware that accessed my system were from the sites that mcafee said was secure to use.