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    Files and Folder Policy question



      Is it possible to have the same user in multiple EEM groups?


      If not, what I want to do is have 2 policies for the organisation and one Key.  one policy encrypts the usb disk when you plug it in and puts the exe on it for use in third party machines.


      the other policy (which has access to the same key) does no action when I plug a usb disk in.  Basically we want to implement a policy where IT gives out the usb stick pre-encrypted with the password.  we dont want to leave this to the end user.  with device control the users will only be able to use certain usb keys.  the question on that is can a user just plug in the usb stick and use it with regular windows explorer if it has been encrypted with that option?  From what I have tested when you plug the usb key you have to put the password in immediatley, is there a way to stop that?


      hope that makes sense if you think there is a better way to achieve this let me know