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    Error installing Product Extension Package

      versions:  ePO 4.0 (MR3 if it matters)



      I am having a problem with ePO not being able to communicate with any of my 35 Agents.

      I found that "The EPOCMAPROCESSES variable incorrectly excludes processes for the McAfee Agent" with VirusScan extension

      I followed the fix per KB67452 (https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB67452), wich installs the newer extension


      I removed the older version (174) as directed and when I tried to install the new extension I recieved the following error:

      unable to install extension.


      processInstallNAPNative failed, ret=-2147483640


      How can I get this new extension installed so I can get McAfee Agents talking to ePO again? Is there a way to force the install, or do it manually?

      This seemed like a pretty easy task by just removing and instaling a new extension under the configuration section of epo. I need to avoid reinstalling at all costs!!



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