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    McAfee just updated my version-HELP!

      My computer Geek installed McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2010 from a disk, at the end of Jan this year. Up until today it showed: Security Center Version 9.15; build 9.15.175  Virus Scan Version 13.15; build 13.15.117.  Site Adviser version 3.0; bld    Today (may 12) that is all gone


      This a.m. I got a "your computer is not protected", then an upload and a restart and now my McAfee Icon is a White M with red surround and White border. When I click on it I have a totally different screen than before, can't get to my logs - in effect It's totally different, and I can't even see what version or what dat I have.


      I called my Geek via phone, and he looked into my computer and said that's the "format" he has also, and it's OK.  He said it looked like McAfee just updated it from what he installed in January.


      Is there someplace I can find out what dat I have as of today?  Where does it tell what version of sec center and virus scan I have...no information for that is anywhere now that I can find.


      I'm very confused with this new interface.  Especially after the horror of April 21



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