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    Help!! How do I get rid of the Artemis Trogjan on Windows 7

      I am at my wits ends over this stupid thing. I am not sure how I got it. I was downloading a file.

      McAfee picks it up and tells me I have 2 trojans, but I can't remove it. Now this morning

      it scans and tell me it has increased to 5 trojans! I searched on this site, and found nothing that works.

      In fact every thing I down loads tells me it can't find McAfee registration on my laptop. Go figure that one out!

      I can log on here because I registered my McAfee. I use daily and real time scans, yet...any help tool I download

      from McAfee, it can't find any McAfee product on my system. I know this is here because it keep trying to send emails to

      all the contacts in my yahoo list.


      I contacted Online Techincal Support and it was like chasing my tail. In spite of telling them my problem, they emailed me the exact

      same thing I had done! Again I ran a 2 hour scan..and nothing was found!


      I am so feed up!!! I purchased McAfee for their reputation and resources. Well I sure am regretting that. Does anyone have

      any suggestions on how to get the off my sytstem. I would really appreciate it. It is called Artemis!CC9BC2B60E5A.


      Thanks- Totally Feedup!!

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          The file received is infected and can be detected and removed with our current DAT files and engine. It is recommended that you update your DAT and engine files and scan your computer again.   


          Detection: BackDoor-EQU


          If you are not seeing this with the product you are using, please speak with technical support so that they can help you determine the cause of this discrepancy.           

          If you believe your computer is infected, but are unsure which files should be submitted to McAfee Labs for review, please visit:                                   


          Use the following link to update your DAT and scan engine to the most current version:



          Use the following links to reach online technical support for McAfee products -       

          Corporate Customers:                                                                 



          Single User/Retail Customers:                                                         




          Neha Chattopadhyay

          McAfee SME