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    Co Existence of VSE 8.5i and Win2008 R2- with VSE 8.7i in EPO 4.0

      We have an issue with VSE clients running Ver 8.7i on Windows 2008 R2, which doesn’t report the complete properties like DAT version and Engine Version information in EPO 4 Console.

      VSE 8.7i has not checked-in to the repository. Is this the reason, why the w2008 R2 VSE 8.7i clients not reporting to the EPO?

      If i do check-in VSE 8.7i, can i still push the VSE 8.5i to the clients from the EPO console (will i be able to select the product 8.5 or 8.7 to be installed) and 8.5i clients will still continue work as it works now?


      Most of the servers and laptops are running with 8.5i, which we dont want to upgrade now. So, just need to ensure that, the check-in of 8.7i in to the repository would allows co-existing of 8.5i and 8.7i under same EPO 4.0 Console.


      Appreciate somebody’s assistance on these...Thanks in advance.