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    AntiVirus Plus questions

      After re-installing AntiVirus Plus while experiencing issues associated with the false positive debacle last month, I've been experiencing two issues which McAfee cannot quickly provide a solution. I'm super reluctant to provide tech support access to my computer to find a solution so I'm raising my hand here hoping that someone has either experienced these issues and knows how to rectify them, or can help me figure it out.

      1/ every few hours a window  opens on my laptop asking if I want to watch a video about McAfee's  services. I do not want to watch the video and I want the window to stop  opening: how do I make it stop???

      2/ every time I reboot my laptop, McAfee puts a  McAfee shortcut on my desktop. I do not want that shortcut: how to make it stop???

      Many thanks in advance for any and all direction!!!


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          Peter M

          Moved to SecurityCenter 10 - 2010.


          There should be a "no thanks" button on that pop-up which should dismiss it for good.


          Alternatively I find with some of the more persistent popups it's best to simply open them and then immediately close them.   That usually stops them.

          Of course you have to be careful that they are legitimate.


          See this FAQ regarding the recurring icon.

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            Thanks for the feedback! "No Thanks" is one of two options but it does not turn the pop-up off. I've also tried to begin the video and that also did not work; perhaps I'll try that again.


            The link to the FAQ you provided was broken.



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              Peter M

              OK something's wrong here.  First of all the no thanks button doesn't work and then the link, which is perfectly good by the way, doesn't work.   Perhaps you are not up to date with all Windows Updates, both critical and non-critical?


              Perhaps Internet Explorer isn't set to its defaults and also up to date with its add-ons, Flash, Shockwave, Java, Adobe Reader etc.


              Try Technical Support Chat via Useful Links above.

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                Thanks again for the feedback!

                The link that you provided worked for me today and I was able to prevent the shortcut from appearing upon start-up BUT the fix is an example of an application that has development issues and requires a convoluted solution which for most users is a pain.

                As far as the the other issue is concerned: this computer is up to date on all of the applications and the OS. That said I was wrong when I mentioned that a "no thanks" appears when prompted to watch the informational video. However I located under "General Settings and Alerts" > "Informational Alerts" a choice called "Real Time Scan and Informational Alerts" so I ticked it off and will see if that does the job.


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                  Peter M

                  OK, good luck.  I agree those ads are annoying.