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    when will a trusted program option be available?


      As it is now i just turn off virus scan when i want to run my known good programs. I'd really like to have the full time protection I paid for. Any chance to get this added soon?

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          Hello jhenry,

          Please let us know what happens to your programs when you have McAfee enabled so that we could help you to get it fixed.

          Provide details of the issue such as :

          1. Programs name

          2. location of the Exe file

          3. Operating system of the computer

          4. Version of security center

          5. DAT version inside security center




          Dinesh K

          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            It deletes a couple of em saying  that they have viruses. (they dont) I'm not looking for a round about fix, it's my computer and i like to have control over it. I'm just asking straight out if if a trusted programs option is in the works. If it's not i wont be renewing my subscription when it runs out. If i knew it wasn't available from the git-go i wouldn't have purchased it.



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              i turn the virus protection off to use my program then it gets deleted after 30 sec i don't like this,i want to use my program for a longer period,

              what i can do to avoid this??

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                Hi All,

                When a file is scanned, VirusScan compares it to known threats. VirusScan also uses heuristic techniques to detect unusual behavior. When a file cannot be matched to a known threat, but exhibits unusual and possibly threatening behavior, VirusScan uses Artemis technology to evaluate the threat of the unknown file. If the file is deemed unsafe, VirusScan quarantines the file to protect your computer.

                If you feel that VirusScan has incorrectly quarantined a file you know to be safe, you can send the file to McAfee Labs for further investigation.


                Methods of Submitting Samples to McAfee

                • WebImmune: This is the preferred method to submit samples to McAfee Labs as it provides the fastest turnaround time on sample reviews and provides historical data for all samples that you have submitted. Go to http://www.webimmune.net and create a free account to upload files for review. More information about WebImmune can be found at:

                • Email: You can send emails directly to our automated systems at virus_research@avertlabs.com. If the automated system is unable to determine a threat exists then the issue will be escalated to McAfee analysts.

                McAfee labs would be testing your files or any suspectful behavior of any update associated with the file and they would update you on the status.



                Thanks & Regards,
                Dinesh K
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                  as i said i turn the virus scan off but still it delets the file in 30 sec,this was not happening in previous versions!!

                  i don't want to sumbit any file,i can turn the virus scan off though it's pretty annoying but i don't want my file to be deleted after 30 sec...what i do??

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                    Hi this is kumar ,

                    If you are using mcafee 2010 version (which usually says "your computer is secure") then open mcafee and at the top right click "navigation"

                    u will find "navigation center " you  will have an option like "quarantined & trusted items " click that and the go to quarantined and try to restore it .

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                      Yes,i'm using Mcafee 2010 & i did restore the file then it gets deleted                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            after 30 sec even though the virus protection is turned off

                      this is very annoying,you guys either add an option to add programs to a trusted list or remove that thing which deletes files after 30 sec!



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                        I have just installed McAfee for the first time on my home business computer, after years of using Norton, and this issue is basically a nightmare and this issue alone will cause me to strongly recommend to anyone that they never buy McAfee.  I have a legal billing program on my computer that McAfee doesn't seem to like and won't allow to open, and after wasting a valuable hour of my day I'm discovering it's because, like these posts suggest, McAfee is designed to not let the user control their own computer and decide what they want to run on it.  So I have to disable the security software I paid for in order to run simple billing software that I KNOW for a fact is fine and has been on my computer without incident for years?  Or, the alternative is to turn the file McAfee doesn't like into a zip and send it to them, etc. etc. - I'm sorry, I don't even know how to go through that process, and as a consumer, I shouldn't be forced to.  If I want to allow a program that McAfee doesn't like to run, it should be MY choice - NEVER had this kind of problem with Norton or Symantec or whatever else I have used in the past.

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                          Please read the 4th post in this thread from Dinz.



                          on 6/2/10 5:59:07 PM EDT