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    Why UVscan with an empty file return exit code 102

      I'm using McAfee for Unix command line scanner V6.0.

      When I scan an empty file (0 byte) or a zipped file wwhich contains empty file with --exit-on-error option, I got exit code 102.


      The file is clean (empty) and expect it return exit code 0. this is what happend for McAfee V5.30.


      I also noticed the exit code is not documented for V6.0.

      I further looked the document for V5.30, it says:

      "The scanner quit because the --exit-on-error option. was included. This code appears when the scan encounters an unexpected condition; for example, if it cannot open a file or runs out of available memory. The program exits immediately and does not finish the scan. This code occurs only if you specified the --exit-on-error option when you started the program. If you did not specify the --exit-on-error option, the scanner returns exit code 6."


      so, I tried to remove the --exit-on-error option from my command and scanned the empty file again, it did not return exit code 6, instead, it is 0.


      for --exit-on-error  option, document says:

      "Quit and display an error message if an error occurs"


      But I do not see any error message.


      Does McAfee still support code 102 in V6.0? if not, why I got it when scan an empty file. if it does, when i remove --exit-on-error, why I got 0 rather than 6?

      also, empty file is a clean file, I assume I should get exit code 0 same as scan with V5.30 engine.


      The following is my virsion information:


      McAfee VirusScan Command Line for Linux32 Version:
      Copyright (C) 2009 McAfee, Inc.
      (408) 988-3832 LICENSED COPY - April 30 2010

      AV Engine version: 5400.1158 for Linux32.
      Dat set version: 5978 created May 10 2010
      Scanning for 617554 viruses, trojans and variants.





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          It's probably just an oversight that the description for error code 102 is missing from the V6.0 user guide. The switch itself is still listed and supported.

          I would expect the scan of a zero-byte file to be successful, not an error so it should return exit code 0, not 6.


          if there were actually an error with the file - corrupted perhaps, I would then expect error code 6.





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            Thank you Rackroyd


            If it just error code 102 is missing from the V6.0 user guide, I wonder if this is a known issue(or any patches to fix) with McAfee command line scanner V6.0 since if I scan an clean empty file with --exit-on-error option, I got exit code 102 without any message. If I scan the same empty file without --exit-on-error option, I got exit code 0.


            Scan the same clean empty file using V5.30 engine is working properly return exit code 0.


            This create problem for us since when we get exit code 102, it's unsure whether due to empty file (especially in zipped file) or any other problem.





            on 12/05/10 09:40:28 CDT
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              It's certainly not a know issue, or I would know about it


              V6.0 has a few differences since it had to be reworked to acommodate the V2 dats and we've had a few odd bugs with some of the switches.

              This hasn't been reported before though.


              I must admit to being a little confused by your tests though, the difference between V6.0 and V5.3 isn't clear from your notes.


              I tested V6.0 on an old-ish ubuntu version with the --exit-on-error switch and it looks to me that perhaps regardless of when it is used the exit code is always 102. Is that what you see ?

              'echo $?'  returns 102 for both zero and non-zero and an eicar detection files on ubuntu. It's not an exhaustive test for sure.


              Retesting the same on suse 10.x it works correctly as expected returning 0 and 13 in the right places. Both were running bash shells.


              If you have a detailed test case that can be used feel free to open a support case to get it investigated but my initial thoughts are this is dependent on the either the distribution or version of the shell used.

              You could try a different shell maybe and see if the results are the same.





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                Thanks Rob.


                sorry about confusion. My env. is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 ,My test cases as following.


                I guess I may need to open a support case for further investigation.


                Since I'm facing such issue with --exit-on-error, I wonder is there any problem or side effect NOT use this option. I'm working on some legacy code which invoke the uvscan and this option was working fine with V5.30 engine. not sure what could be problem if I remove this option. or, if there is any other workaround, please let me know.


                My case is a bit better than your old-ish ubuntu testing. to scan a virus infect file return me code 13. non zero byte file seems works ok.

                -- thanks




                Test cases



                -- Test with V6.0 engine

                1) under C shell:

                echo $SHELL

                2) cretae a clean empty file(0 byte) by:

                touch aaa.aa

                3) run command

                ./uvscan --exit-on-error -secure aaa.aa

                4) check exit code

                echo $?


                5) run command

                ./uvscan -secure aaa.aa

                6) check exit code

                echo $?



                -- Test with V5.30 engine, repeat above steps. on step 4) and 6) both return exit code 0


                -- Test by switch to bash shell and repeat above steps. got the same result


                -- Test by add file aaa.aa to a zipped file and scan the zipped file, repeat above steps(replace the aaa.aa with zipped file name), got the same result.







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                  Not using --exit-on-error did seem to be predictable for me with V6.0

                  A zero-byte file returned 0 and an eicar detection returned 13 which are both what I would expect.


                  I'm not entirely sure how useful this switch to be honest.

                  I suspect it was added a long time ago at the behest of a customer or group of customers. It's not something I would expect most customers to use so if you can work without it i'd suggest it's worth the effort.

                  Please feel free to log a support call to have it looked at further though if you would like us to dig into it deeper.