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    False Artemis reports removed program(s) without asking.

      I posted a question 2 days ago concerning some items constantly being quarantined because of artemis reports, it got moved and i found this section. A temporary workaround would be to disable my Real-Time scanning, but I don't want to keep it off all the time because active scans are safer since you get an immediate reaction when something really bad enters your computer but when I turn it on it quarantines the items again. However, this time McAfee didn't quarantine them, it REMOVED my programs completely without asking which makes the situation worse, as i will now have to reinstall my program(s) with is extremely frustrating and annoying. see my false artemis reports below:


      artemis report numbers:


      MW4ED2.EXE (same file, there is only one version yet it got quarantined thrice):



      1BD0693D973B  (2x)



      2EE0F0CF16CF  (1x)



      (renamed  to MW4MERCS.OLD since there was a hotfix released for online pla)





      MECHWARRIOR4MERCENARIES.ALL.TO.  (the free release package itself)





      MW4MERCS.EXE  (the new hotfix):



      B283193C97D9 (1x)





      these are only those from MechWarrior 4: Free Release, but there were some other game exe's as well. don't know their reports or which game files they were though.


      I asked in my last thread and I will ask again, can you PLEASE make a trust button for already quarantined items asap, for people who prefer McAfee not to pop-up all the time, making full-screen programs minimize (assuming there is an option to let McAfee ask me to what to do with a file again after I selected 'never ask me again', i haven't found it yet)


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