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    EPO working with AD DS server 2008



      We just installed the EPO 4.5 for our large business network and was hopeing to get this awesome product up and running. We hit a speedbump pretty fast tho after the installation. Some how we can´t figure out how to make the EPO communicate with the AD on our main server (EPO and the AD is on to different servers). So when we try and feed the EPO the subnets in the "detect network/system" it wont "cover" the subnets since it cant find any computers on it ( we just slapped in the whole subnet - /20). Might there be a smarter person then me to point me in the right direction?

      Since this is our first time using this product we are not sure what to do first, so all hints and tips are much appreciated!


      Jawz, out....

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          Sailendra Pamidi


          I am not sure I understood the question completely - it looks like you are referring to the Detected Systems page - this requires that you deploy a Rogue System Sensor to your network segment (subnet). Once the sensor is deployed it should detect existing systems and classify them as Managed or Rogue based on whether they currently have a McAfee Agent installed or not. For details on how to deploy the RSD Sensor, please refer to the product guide.


          If this is not what you meant - please clarify and i will try to help...




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            Thank you for the reply Saily.


            Yes that is what i ment or what i was looking for. But we arn´t pretty good at this rouge detect system crap. The 600 pages EPO documention covers all sortsa stuff, but it only tells you have it works, not how its done.

            Right now we just have 4 servers and 2 clients on a small testing network, and we have no idea how to get this EPO server up and running, we have installed a agent on of the clients but we can still not detect the subnet.