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    EEM Reporting


      Is there a way to run a report that will show all users that are not associated to a machine so they can be deleted from EEM?

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          I seem to have a canned report names Users Not Assigned To Machines Report in v5.1.8

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            if you end up with a large number, what method to you use to remove them?

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              I have not figured that part out yet. Any ideas?

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                you can automate the process using the sbadmcl.exe  (SafeBoot Command Line) utility.


                1. create the report for all users not assigned to machines in csv format

                2. create a new user group to move these userIDs into

                3. open the .csv file it in Excel and modify it so the data is in this format: Column A: userID  Column B:  the name of the new user group you created.

                    spelling must be exact

                4.  save the modified .csv file into the folder path on your machine where EEM is running, it's the same path where your sbadmcl.exe file exists.

                5. Open a command line window s in the fsame folder as where your sbadmcl.exe file is.

                6. enter the following at the command line prompt:


                for /f "tokens=1,2 delims=," %i in (filename.csv) do (sbadmcl -command:moveuser -user:%i -newgroup:%j -adminuser:yourEEMloginID -adminpwd:yourEEMloginpassword)


                syntax must match exactly except for your filename, EEMloginID and password.

                press enter.  this command will open the .csv file,loop through the file reading each userID and moving it to the group you created.

                when complete, close the command line window and delete the users from the group you moved them into in the EEM.


                good luck.  I have used this technique to move users and machines.

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                  Thanks for the help, much appreciated. I will give it a shot.

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                    I have more automation uses for sbadmcl if you're intested.

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                      But keep in mind that if you use AD connectors to create users, not assigned users, purged from database, will be immediately recreated by connectors. So you have to check those too. There is no point of deleting user account, to be immediately re-created by connector.

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                        technically, I don't "delete" users, I move them in to a disabled users groups, the set all to group config. This method can be used to move them into the disabled users group.

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                          If you do not change user object bindings, connector might try to move them back. What's your objective though? I thought that you want to reduce number of user object in the database?

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