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    Pop up every morning

      I am running a pc with windows XP sp3 and McAfee Internet Security.


      For about the last week, every morning I get a pop up message saying that McAfee backup and restore program has been automatically uninstalled.


      Each morning I click on the dismiss option but each morning the pop up is back.


      I have manually updated the package.


      Is there any way of killing the pop up?



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          Hi George99,


          Please navigate yourself to service.mcafee.com by opening any of the browser installed on your PC & search for article # TS100978 under technical support for home users , follow instructions as provided on that article to fix the issue.


          Hope this helps




          Rakesh P

          McAfee Technical Support

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            Hi George99,

            If your McAfee programs were automatically upgraded from the McAfee 2009 Consumer products to the 2010 products,  the popup message : "McAfee backup and restore program has been automatically uninstalled" may isplayed every time your system restarts.

            Please follow this document here to stop the error from displaying at restarts.

            Please let us know if we need any assistance on the same.


            Dinesh K
            McAfee Online Community Moderator

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              That's cured it.


              Thank you.


              The McAfee technical notes are very hard to find.