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    Firewall status wrong, computer at risk



      I am running McAfee AntiVirus Plus together with the latest ZoneAlarm Pro firewall.


      My copy of McAfee AntiVirus Plus updated itself automatically to the latest GUI a few days ago (btw I preferred the old style), and now always displays the following warning message:


      Your computer is at risk!

      Other Firewall: off


      When clicking on "Other Firewall: off" it displays the message "You have installed ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall. Click here to install this feature from McAfee."

      So it correctly detects my firewall, but still claims that my computer is at risk.


      The ZoneAlarm firewall is up and running correctly and is automatically updated to the latest version, the subscribtion is valid for another 500 days.

      It seems that McAfee AntiVirus Plus has a problem to detect the correct status of my firewall.


      I tried to get rid of this warning message and pop-up by selecting "Don't show an alert when Firewall is off" in the "General Settings and Alerts / Protection Alerts" (including rebooting the machine after) but this did not help.


      Thank you in advance for any help on this issue.


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