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    Check when full scan was done on PCs using query in ePO 4.0

      Hi all,


      I have one question. I have ePO 4.0 build: 1221 and VirusScan 8.7 Patch 2 + Antispayware.


      What I did is: I run full scan task on all PCs (workstation and laptops) from time to time (every 15-30 days). I've created the task and it's working fine.

      Second what I would like to have is a query which will check the results. I created a query (see attached pdf document for details) but not able to see information when scan didn't find anything. It should be event 1034 but this event is never registered in my ePO. Is there a way how to set this up? Why this event is never triggered (I tried to run Full scan manually on PC and over ePO).


      Thanks for all future help...