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    EPO4.0 Tasks and Policies Backup

      Does anyone know if there is a way to backup your defined tasks and policies ONLY in EPO 4.0?

      I went through an extension upgrade a few weeks back, and ended up having to recreate some tasks.


      It lead me to think about what if I lost all of those, and the policies went back to defaults for whatever reason.


      Any help would be appreciated.





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          You can export the policies in ePO 4, but not the tasks - and the exported policies will only be the policy settings, not where in the system tree those policies are assigned. (That may not be a problem for you.)


          Both tasks and policies are stored in the database, so probably the easiest way to preserve them at the moment is to ensure you have a reliable database backup procedure in place.


          HTH -



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            Don't know if this exists in ePO 4.0, (sorry- never used it) but in 4.5 there is a query called Broken Inheritance. This will give you a list of machines that have broken the policy inheritance and give you what policy is assigned to those machines. You can modify the report to your own dealings and then set up an automated task to email the pdf etc to yourself nightly, so that if you change the policy assignments you will always have a record of what machines  have what policy assigned to them.


            And remember to export your policies for backup when you change them..



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              Joe & Jane-- Thanks for your help!

              I Didn't know you could export policies, and it sounds like 4.5 is the way to go.

              Another collegue recently upgrade, and he says there is good stuff in the new version.


              Thanks again!