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    McAfee Total Protection and Windows 7 64-Bit Manually Update problem

      Hi Forum,


      I'm using McAfee for about five years or so and never had problems with it until the last "face-lift".


      I'm running two Systems, first Windows XP SP3 with McAfee Total Protection 2010 and everything works fine on it.

      Second Windows 7 64-Bit with no other Security software than McAfee Total Protection 2010 and for days i can't get updates on that machine.


      I tried everything, i de-installed McAfee also used the cleanup tool and installed it with the download-manager from my account with no problems. I've noticed that i only can make changes to the settings like automatic update or scheduled scan when UAC is turned off. But when i try to update McAfee manually  it starts searching for new updates and it's searching and searching but never starts downloading updates neither gives a message that everything is up-to-date no matter if UAC is turned on or off.

      Also when the automatic updates are turned on the Program won't update even when it reaches the time where McAfee will update automatically, instead the time will delay to a later time.


      The machine with Windows XP SP3 works fine over the same Internet connection i can update McAfee TP 2010 automatically and manually.

      Now I'm not sure if this is a 64-Bit problem and I'm absolutely clueless about what i can do or what is going wrong.


      Hope you guys can help me .


      Yours, tester


      Excuse my poor English