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    Computer shuts down during scan

      My computer repeatedly shuts down everytime I try to run a full scan. Any suggestions?

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          I've moved your post to our Virus and Spyware Protection area. Hopefully an expert can help you soon.

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            Hi nixter933,

            Please provide us with the following details to proceed further on this ;

            Open security center and let know whether it says Am I protected YES or Your computer is secure ? (This is to find out what version is installed in the machine)Do you receive any spyware pop ups in the computer ?

            Do we have any other security software installed in the machine ?

            Dinesh K
            McAfee Online Community Moderator

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              Version 9:15

              Build 9:15:17

              Last Udate 4/12/010




              Build 13.15.117

              Las Update 5*22*2010

              Dat Versio 5990.0000

              Dat creation date 5/22/2010

              engine version 5400.1158




              All products provided via msn


              Computer shuts down during complete/full virus scan before 1/4 through scan

              Please advise fix.




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                Hi, Fledgling:


                Just another user here (no computer expert), but I notice that you have both McAfee AND Webroot software on your machine?


                From my own personal experience over the years (including my current Win7 laptop), I can tell you that Webroot software is NOTORIOUS for not playing well with other security products.

                Even more than most other "brands".


                While I cannot be sure what exactly your problem may be, I can respectfully suggest that you will probably need to fully uninstall either McAfee or Webroot, since they are probably conflicting on some level.

                Both companies provide removal tools (link to the McAfee tool is above, under "useful links").

                For Webroot, their specific instructions are to run the cleanup tool TWICE, rebooting and redownloading it each time (since it is designed to uninstall itself each time it runs).


                FWIW, one of the few reasons I have stuck with McAfee (at least for now, while my systems are still running their OEM "2009" Dell versions) is that it seems to run smoothly alongside both MBAM (Active Protection enabled) and SuperAntiSpyware (Free version, on-demand scans only).  I have no issues with my current Win7 (x64) desktop or my backup Vista (x86) system.


                That said, I need to repeat my disclaimer that I'm just a self-taught home user, not an expert.

                So, one of the volunteer or McAfee mods or other pros will likely be able to provide more definitive assistance.


                Hope you get fixed up,



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                  Second that Webroot and Mcafee do not play well together

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                    Hi ,

                    the following is the removal tool link for webroot u can try this ,else  try  to use  webroot removal tool from their site.

                    http://support-uk.webroot.com/cgi-bin/webroot_uk.cfg/php/enduser/fattach_adp.php ?p_tbl=9&p_id=1677&p_created=1219336718. Also try to run the mcafee virtual technician ( go to mvt.mcafee.com and u can install the latest version of mcafee virtual technician and then run it which will scan  mcafee for any kind of mcafee issues and it will also try fixing some of the issues with mcafee ) .


                    if possible  try to note down the  scan location or the path before the system shuts down .



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                      Sorry to interrupt.


                      As of this morning I just can not shut down my Dell Laptop (inspiron 6400). It simply won´t turn off. It keeps restarting it self!!! I need help. Badly!

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                        Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


                        If  you beleive you have some malware or virus issues the above link will  assist in resolving those. After following the recommendations in the  link you could also try running www.malwarebytes.org and www.superantispyware.com both of which are free and can remove a lot of stuff. may I suggest you  download these programs to a usb stick and rename the download files  and installation folder to something you can easily remember as virus  and malware are written to protect themselves. When you rename the  files, they may not see them as a threat thus allowing you to proceed.  After installation check for the lates updates and run the program and  let it clean everything it finds and reboot the computer. Go to the next  program and do the same and reboot.


                        You  should then try to uninstall mcAfee via Add/Remove programs and reboot,  run the MCPR removal tool found at the top of this page under Useful  Links and reboot again. Run the McAfee preinstall tool, reboot, and then  login to your online McAfee account and install the software.


                        Let us know if this works for you.