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    Clarification needed on KB60902



      Can someone please clarify the following statement from KB60902:   "McAfee does not extend support to thin clients."


      The way I had originally interpreted that statement was that thin client technology (e.g., Wyse Thin Clients, HP Thin Clients) is excluded and not *officially* supported by McAfee.   In other words, McAfee will only support VirusScan Enterprise on Windws XP Embedded systems provided certain criteria are met:


      • VSE 8.7 or later is used
      • McAfee 5400 Scan Engine is used
      • McAfee Agent version 4.x is used
      • Systems are not Thin Client technology
      • Use of EWF is disabled


      I later spoke with someone and he said that the statement, "McAfee does not extend support to thin clients." was a misinterpretation on my part.  The intent was to say that once the EOL (End of Lifecycle) is reached for VSE 8.7 (i.e., VSE 8.8 or whatever version that will supercede 8.7), McAfee will not be offering an extended support solution to provide assistance for customers wishing to remain on VSE 8.7.  The only alternative for thin client support will be to upgrade to the next revision.


      I am having trouble trying to digest that interpretation.  Can someone help me clarify?  There was also mention that Solidcore's S3 Control Embedded application was a better product for use on Thin Clients where the content on the flash drive will remain static.


      In addition, I have reviewed the "VSE - XPE Conditional Support Program.pdf" I found online for VSE 8.5 (written 2007), but I haven't come across anything relating to the current VSE 8.7.  Does one for VSE 8.7 exist?  Did support for thin clients cease with VSE 8.7?


      Thanks in advance!