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    Virusscan Enterprise 7.1 -- How to update?

      Hi --


      I have Virusscan Enterprise 7.1 and am just now learning this is not being updated anymore.  I had NO idea, however, because my program continues to say it is updated.  What made me suspicious, however, is what started happening only a couple weeks ago.   My Windows Security Alert tells me that my anti-virus is out of date.  Even after "updating" it, it says this.  Now, I am confused as what to do.


      My anti-virus is telling me it is successfully updating -- whenever I do it manually or let it auto-update.  I am reading here that version 7.1 is not updatable.  (However, it never told me that!)  And my Windows Alerts only brought this to my attention a couple weeks ago, as I stated before.


      How am I supposed to update my anti-virus if this version is no longer supported?  Please let me know what course of action I am supposed to take.


      Thanks so much.