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    epo 4.5: replicating DAT from current - previous

      I use epo 4.5. I never did any kind of replication including the replication of current -> previous. When that bad DAT came out, I realized I need to fix this since I was stuck with only a bad DAT in epo.


      So I modified my Schedule Pull McAfeeFTP process to also move the current files -> previous. This worked once and then it started getting errors.


      I get the error


           Failed to open file C:/PROGRA~1/McAfee/EPOLIC~1/DB\Software\Current\VSCANDAT1000\DAT\0000\V2datinst all.mcs


      I remove the current DAT, do a pull and then my DAT is again current. I read about the pain of editing the replica.log etc in the Mcafee help but am not sure what I have done wrong in getting this. The Mcafee help says to recheck in the problem package.


      One more piece of information: i never run the "Update Master Repository" task. I don't understand the difference between Schedule Pull McAfeeFTP and the Update Master Repository task. In both, you can chose which packages to pull down.


      So I gather the DAT pull is trying to copy over something that it can't from current to previous but am not sure how best to correct this. Let me know if you have ideas. Thanks.



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