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    Questions about Theme Creation for EEPC v5

      Hi All


      Have been playing about with Simon's Theme Creator 3.37 and have created a Theme File Set which has our own corporate wallpaper as the background. I've also swapped out the Banner graphics in the Theme's 'shared' folder, after Theme creator has created the 3-part background image from my original image.


      One thing that doesn't seem configurable using, Theme Creator, is the "Select a Token to Logon" text and the list of Tokens avaliable (in our environment, we just use the Password Only Token). It's my feeling that these options in the background are confusing for the user. Whilst it seems that they are neccessary (in order for the user to bring up the login screen again if they happen to select cancel) I would like to move the text so it only appears to the user when the login box is cancelled. And perhaps change the text to say something like "Click on the icon to login" rather than "Select a token to logon".  Is this possible?


      Finally, I have noticed that the client is automatically selecting Keyboard: English (United States) as default, despite our Windows machines clearly being UK. Yes, you can change to UK using the options, but we don't want to explain to users how to do this. Is there a common reason why it would be picking up US by default?

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          You can change your language fileset assigned to user machines and play with "locale.ini" settings to achieve customization that you want.

          But pre-boot messages ("*.str" files) are not EEPC customer customizable and you need to engage McAfee services to make those changes for you.

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            probably because your custom theme is telling it to - do you have a defaultkeyboard/defaultlanguage setting in the locale.ini of you theme? If so, remove them.

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              But I thought v5 picked up the keyboard in use, automatically? Manual fix in the Locale file is ok but when we roll this theme out to non-UK communities we don't want them on UK keyboards. Perhaps I have misunderstood how the Keyboard detection works

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                keyboard detection works as part of the install process, but not afterwards, so if you deploy a theme after (ie not part of the install set), you'll overwrite the settings it picks up for itself.


                You need everything, languages, keyboards, theme etc to be part of the installer for the automatic detection to work properly. Otherwise you can use fixlocale to repair it.

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                  Ok. So the Locale file in my theme is the default, taken from the McAfee themes avaliable in the File Groups. The container config for my V5 clients has EEPC52 LANG: English United Kingdom/USA (Preboot, Keyboard, Windows) ticked and also my Theme.


                  So if I create a new installation set from this group, it should mean then that the install will pickup that the machine is using UK Windows Keyboard settings and set the keyboard config at SB login accordingly. OR.....is the fact that my theme is using a McAfee default Locale.Ini causing conflict with the auto-detect?

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                    Aha! So I did a fresh install of v5, with my theme client files attached to the congif, and sure enough it picked up UK Keyboard. So all good. The behaviour seems different though when I upgrade a v4 client to v5, presumably v5 is not performing a detection as SB is already installed? Which might explain why US is ending up as the default keyboard instead of UK (even though the v4 client had been previously running UK keyboard via the v4 LANG: English(British)Client & KB pack).


                    Will continue to test behaviour under upgrade as opposed to fresh install and report back.

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                      Right. So when I upgrade my clients from v4 to v5, it's clear that US Keyboard is being applied to the SB login screen automatically.


                      I am hazarding a guess that this is because v5 will only set the keyboard to the Windows keyboard during installation whereas this is an upgrade. Therefore, perhaps the upgrade had not performed a detection and then used the default in the locale file of my theme (which is US, see below):


                      ;Theme 201 Default





                      Name=English (United States)

                      Name=English (United States)


                      Now this locale file was created when I used Theme Creator 3.37 and it looks to be based on the 201 theme.


                      So...My thinking is this, if I modify my locale file so that the default keyboard is 0809 (UK) then import that theme into the database over the top of the existing, I should get UK by default on upgrade. The problem here of course being that when we upgrade Non-UK users, they will get a UK default also and will then need to manually select their keyboard from the options screen (provided I add the right language packs to the machine objects to make them avaliable). Yes, I know this hardly seems like a big issue, but you won't be surprised that management will want this as slick as possible with as little user action required as possible.


                      Am I on the right track? Using v5.2.2 by the way.

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                        You can easily script modifications to "Locale.ini" on each computer.

                        Just query for Windows keyboard language and update sections in "Locale.ini".

                        Simon wrote a script called "FixLocale.vbs". Have a look: