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    McAfee today problem

      today morning my McAfee T.P. automatically downloaded new version and now my McAfee doesn't see McAfee Personal Firewall (only Windows firewall) and change language. I'm frustrated. I need help and helpdesk McAfee in Poland does not work in weekend...

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          Sometimes after updates occur, the computer needs to be rebooted. Try that and see if your McAfee firewall is turned on and Windows Firewall is turned off.


          If problem persists then go to the top of this page under Useful Links and run the McAfee Virtual Technician. MVT scans your computer and examines the McAfee files that are installed and attempts to fix anything related to McAfee automatically. It will generate a session id number which you should post here on the forum. If MVT finds something it cannot repair, I would then suggest you contact Technical Support Chat also under Useful Links. Chat is available 24/7 and if necessary they can remote connect into your computer provided you give them permission to do so and can diagnose your issue from there. They sometimes depending on what they find can send a tool along with instructions on how to run it. By the way Chat is free.


          Good Luck

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            I rebooted my comtuter and nothing. My next step used  McAfee Virtual Technician and nothing too. I have used my Mcafee since january and I think this good program but after yesterday problem I have mixed feelings.