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    Very Slow Updates - Like 3 weeks and not yet finished

      About 3 weeks ago I noticed a cross on the McAfee Icon, hovered, and it said  - you guessed - "You are not protected"  Went to Fix and a day later nothing had changed. Did a system restore to a much earlier date, everything came right and then a couple of days later it was all back to "Not Protected" Checked in security centre, clicked "Fix" and a window appeared saying updates are being loaded in the background, do not turn off your computer. Fine. Left it to do its thing but 3 weeks later the status hasn't changed - still suppodedly loading updates, Virtual Technician wont load, and trying to uninstall the software produces a blank window. Machine is fairly new Acer with Vista, Defender hadn't been running when this arose, but has now been switched on. Does anyone have an answer or suggestion. Bob