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    E-mail hacking

      How do you check if your computer is running correctly and protected?  

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          Can you confirm if you still have the issue with the system????

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            I am not sure if this is still an issue.  I changed my e-mail address and was wondering how to check if everything on my computer was "safe".

            Thank-you for the reply.

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              Could you run the McAfee Virtual Technician found under Technical Support at the top of this page. MVT will scan your system and check for any McAfee related problems it may find and attempt to fix them.


              What happens when you open your software and what message do you receive?


              Am I protected with a green check mark?      or   Your computer is secure



              on 5/22/10 10:38:09 AM EDT
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                k3tg - thank-you for the information.  I wnt to run the McAfee Virtual Tech and got the response:  cannot find mcafee products on your system.  Does that mean I have to remove and re-install everything again?