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    epo can’t detect clients

      Recently installed epo 4.5 Patch 1 on windows 2008 (64 bit) server workgroup environment where all clients (including server itself) have had VSE 8.5 and epo agents manually installed. System tree didn’t initially discover any clients (managed or rogue) even the epo server itself  but managed to discover the epo server through adding it’s IP address via system tree> add new system. The epo server (and client) now show as a managed system but I can’t detect either of the other 2 test systems (XP) using the same method. The 2 XP systems are behind a firewall and use a NAT’d IP address however even though I can successfully ping (via command line) from epo server to clients I can’t ping from the epo server application to the clients and issuing a wake up doesn’t appear to have any affect. I suspected a firewall issue but even temporarily brining the firewall down didn’t resolve the issue. Any help or advice would be much appreciated



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          If the client machines have had the agent manually installed on them, then my guess would be that they are unable to communicate. In the first instance I'd start looking on the clients themselves: check the agent log (which by default lives in ..\Documents and settings\all users\application data\mcafee\common framework\db and is called agent_<machinename>log) for any errors.


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            Thanks Joe I've had a look at the agent log and the error log (both enclosed) but can't see anything obvious. I'm new to both McAfee and epo so probably missing something.Can you spot anyting from the logs? I should also point out that the agent is succesfully picking up DAT updates by bypassing the local epo server (and it is this local server that I want the managed systems to appear on). Many Thanks Iain

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              Okay - strangely enough I can't see any attempt in there by the agent to contact the server. Can I ask exactly how these agents were installed?

              As a test on one client, you can try manually installing the agent package from the server, as follows:


              1) Copy ..\ePO Install folder\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\0409\FramePkg.exe to the client machine

              2) Ensure you're logged on as an admin

              3) Run the framepkg


              You should then be able to open the agent monitor. Locate cmdagent.exe on the client machine - its location can vary - and execute cmdagent /s. This should pop up the agent monitor: click "check / send properties" and the agent should communicate with the server.


              Let me know how you get on -


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                Thanks again Joe. After investigating as per you advice it turns out I had somehow managed to download and install the Framepkg_UPD.exe instead of the FramePkg.exe (though both version4.5.0.1270). Installing the FramePkg.exe  from the server has partially resolved the problem as the client now appears in the discovered systems list but not the system tree (I've tried moving it). I suspect that this is because the epo server is registering the clients actual 192. IP address rather than NAT'd 25. address we wanted it to use and that this is therefore limiting client/server communications. Initial investigation indicates that NAT is not supported but that there may be a workaround through editing the sitelist.xml and/or machine.xml


                Thanks again





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