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    Windows 7 issue's since last update

      Since the last update, i've been having issue's with Mcafee slowing down my computer, and lagging so badly, that I can't access either my internet, start menu, or any other options other then looking at my desktop. This install is less then 2 month's old - and I've already have been delt a low-ball hand to the service regarding Mcafee. I've always regaurded Mcafee as a top-of-the-line anti-whatever software to go to for dependable service. Until this afternoon.


      In order for me to speak to someone for free, I have to install some bull crap program that is automated to help any issue  I have. If that doens't solve the problem, I get to pay 90 dollars to speak to someone, after waiting 5 minutes, and an estimated 30 minute time span to fix the problem, If possible. No thanks fella's. McAfee ( Mc-Ah-Fee  or MACAH-Fee, however it's pronounced ) can kiss my white american, red blooded ***. I'm not paying any more money on a monopolizing half-assed program.


      As I type this, I'm uninstalling Mcafee from my computer.


      Don't buy it, don't bother with it. It's not worth the hassle.