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    Resource Usage

      I am a partner with McAfee and my clients currently use McAfee Total Protection Service 5.0 Patch 5.  I am using this as well on our internal machines.  The problem I see with ALL the machines including the clients is that the resources used by McAfee are so intense that the system becomes really slow.  Microsoft Outlook takes 5-8 seconds to open, Internet Explorer takes forever to open a tab because of the site advisor.  The overall system performance is terrible.  I have read where the engineserver has a memory leak but wasn't sure if it was related to ToPS 5.0 or not.  When is McAfee going to address this and is there a current work around?

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          I know someone at McAfee has to have the answer.

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            It is impossible to give a specific answer without knowing the full details of your system. I would really suggest logging a case with support for the best possible solution.



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              I completely agree with Platimunws.  TOPS is an excessive resource user.  Obviously if you have a super faster quad core i7 system, the impacts will be less, but the vast majority of my users have 2+Ghz Core2 Duo systems and the impacts of TOPS are very noticable.  Particularly, the update process is rediculously long and resource draining.  It renders most system almost unusable until the update process is over.  SiteAdvisor also kills the launch time of IE as well.

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                I noticed that my one laptop running TPS was getting really slow a couple of days ago - this morning notice that it was incredibly slow and running very warm (board temp is now 70 with no apps running - typically except with big powerpoints running its at 60). Rebooted and temp stayed at 70, one cpu is completely occupied (running at 90+ percent), and the only thing running is TPS. TPS console won't open and mcafee site advisor software (or whatever it is called) says that no virus protection is installed! I called McAfee and was told that this is a new problem that they should have fixed in one or two days. After a bit, I called a second time to learn if there was anyway to keep TPS from loading and with broken English was directed as to how to turn it off instead: net stop myagtsvc. This command was still churning away 30 minutes later (30 minutes to shut off a software program!) when I had to leave - so will check back at noon. So, I appear to have a virus protection system that isn't protecting me, eating up half of my system resources, and can't be turned off. This new strategy by McAfee is a puzzler.

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                  What a joke! I spent 2 hours today with McAfee "gold level" (or similarly inaccurately named) support that was absolutely worthless - of course, none of the four people I talked to really had a good grasp of the English language which might have helped. I guess I really can't say too much about the one guy - after waiting on hold for 30 minutes, he immediately hungup when he answered the phone before I could get a word out - talk about being courteous, respectful, or appreciative of me as a customer or even just a human being. one of these brillant folks opened some sort of case (at least I got an email to that effect), but I could never even log onto the server where it resides (another 30 minutes wasted) even after changing the password twice. Probably just as well as the case was filed as unimportant - level 4 or some similar thing (gee, I guess if my laptop had been completely fried by your software it might have merited a 3) - and was labelled as being about not being able to open the console - that's part of the problem but only a small part. Oh yeah, contacting support is going to solve this issue - see complaints all over the web about this problem and see, from my own personal experience, that McAfee has done little if anything to solve it - although one of the brain trust I talked to thism am said it would be cleared up automatically in a day or two (a neat trick since TPS wasn't even communicating with the outside world as of this morning if I believe the warning message it sent about its inability to contact the mother ship). Well, you've got my subscription to 2013, but I think I'll go elsewhere for a solution that doesn't require half of my pc's resources just to run - perhaps that's why they invented dual core cpus, one for the user and one for Mcafee.. Let me know if you want my address to send the refund (and pay me for all my time that you've wasted today), but suspect I have a better chance of winning the Powerball tonight...

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                    Good morning


                    I am sorry to hear the service received did not meet your expectations and I understand your frustration.


                    To move things forward, I have created a reference engineers can use to help you. Please contact technical support, quoting KnowledgeBase article KB69588.




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                      Any ideas if there is any solution coming for this.  I have a network of 13 machines and a server that are rapidly becoming useless through this problem.

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                        I have a very similar issue with the majority of our machines and with 101 machines, this is something I need solved ASAP or we'll need to find another solution.


                        It's especially the startup that turned to extremely slow for the majority of the users last week.

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                          At the very least McAfee, give us the option to set CPU priority for the update process and allow us to set a SPECIFIC time for the update process (not an interval).  I do most of of my client system maintenance activites (virus scans, defrags, MS updates, etc.) at night to prevent interferring with my user's "production" time.  If I could also do the TOPS updates at night (at a specific time), then this problem is solved for me.

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