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    activation problem?



      I have bought 3 user Total Protection on CD. I activated it on another computer but cannot activate it on the second one. I get a "wrong product key" error message. I tried the virtual assistant. It found a data error but still cannot activate.

      It opened a window telling me that I should find a Sysprep folder in my C drive and rename it. I do not have this folder! I have windows Xp media center edition. I had to install a new hard drive as my old drive crashed. I never had McAfee on this computer only Norton which was uninstalled.

      Any help would be great as I am not protected. I've been trying to activate for the past 14 days.

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          I've moved your post to our Home Users Discussion area. Hopefully an expert can help you soon.

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            Hello spmarti,


            Could you please let me know whether you are trying to register the programs with the same email address that was used to activate the 1st computer. (please dont post email address for privacy reasons)


            Also run MVT  http://mvt.mcafee.com  (in the second computer) from this link here and post me with your session id so that I could check with your account details and trace out this problem.





            Dinesh K

            McAfee Online Community Moderator

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              I figured it out on my own that one has to go to their account file and download from there since I have a 3-user product. It really should be explained that you shouldn't load from the purchased disc a second time, or create a second account with another e-mail! MVT was run and changed nothing.

              Anyway, I had another problem on shutdown after I tried reinstalling a second time (with a McAfee file that stayed open) so I'm uninstalling McAfee and not reinstalling it.

              Customer service seems to be lacking from all the posts I've read. I don't want to have to wait days on end to have a problem solved.


              Thanks anyway Dinz but i'm moving to another company.