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    IE Search getting redirected

      Hello, I am having issues with IE search getting redirected to other sites (seem to be ad sites) that were not in the search results listed.  Apparently it doesn't matter what search engine it is, Google, Bing, etc..... I have read other McAfee posts from the community that have had similar issues.  I have tried the following suggested remedies to repair this but nothing has worked so far.  Would anyone have any other suggestions?  I have tried the following:


      1)  Download and run hitman. no results

      2)  Run McAfee scan in Safe Mode, then run McAfee Stinger. no results

      3)  Looked at etc\host file, nothing has been added after the comment section.


      I have no  extra toolbars added to IE, add-ons are few and 98% disabled, shockwave is about the only one enabled.


      Thanks much


      Windows XP, IE 8

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          This link from McAfee may help you in resolving your issue(s)

          Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


          After following the steps outlined by the link if you still have problems you could try the following programs Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.org and SuperAntispyware www.superantispyware.com both of which are free.



          Good Luck

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            Thank you k3tg for your reply but as I said in my original post (#2),  I did the steps outlined in McAfee's

            Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting.


            I forgot to mention I also downloaded the Malwarebytes ver 1.46 and ran that with no results.

            I also have CCleaner which I run daily, not that this does anything for malware.


            I haven't tried www.superantispyware.com so I guess that will be my next stop.

            I have a feeling my efforts are futile but I'll trudge on......


            Wonder if I could download IE8 installer, then uninstall my IE8 and then reinstall?

            Any other suggestions would be much appreciated in case www.superantispyware.com doesn't work.


            Thanks much

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              Three other things I thought of

              1 Ensure MWB download renamed to xxxx.exe or similiar. When you install it install to another folder ie not the suggested 1. This stops the malware protecting itself from the program by blocking updates, Ensure you update mcafee and those free programs.


              2. Reset IE to defaults


              3. Delete all temp and internet temp files.


              Was the search google? I have just (last week) cleaned an infection with google search redirected and updates blocked using kt3g's suggestions and mine



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                Hi Peacekeeper, Still having problems with my search getting redirected.  My McAfee AntiVirus software and all other spyware programs I've been working with are the latest software versions and up to date. Here is a summary of everything I have tried.


                Before I run any spyware/virus/malware removal program in safe or normal mode I start with running CCleaner.

                1)  Download Hitman (ver 3.5 ???).  Ran this in normal mode.   No change in search redirects.

                2)  Run McAfee scan then McAfee Stinger in Safe Mode.

                     per Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting.

                     No change in search redirects.

                3)  Looked at etc\host file, nothing has been added after the comment section.

                4)  Download Malewarebytes 1.46. Ran in normal mode. No change in search redirects.

                5)  Copied Malewarebytes to a temp folder and renamed the .exe to m.exe. Went into safe mode and ran m.exe

                     No change in search redirects.

                6)  Download SuperAntiSpyware 4.37. Ran in normal mode. No change in search redirects.

                7)  Copied SuperAntiSpyware to a temp folder and renamed the .exe to s.exe. Went into safe mode and ran s.exe

                     No change in search redirects.


                Like I have said before I don't have any extra toolbars or alot of "add-ons".  Java and Shockwave are the only add-ons enabled other than 2 others that are listed under Microsoft Corporation; Media player and Research.


                For Search providers I only have Google and Bing.  Google was my default but I've changed it to Bing because the redirects don't seem to happen as frequently as they do with Google.


                The redirects seem to always be sites like these:  monstermarketplace.com, freefinderonline.com, mongolking.com, asklots.com, tazinga.com, photoimpact.com, toseeka.com, drheffner.com, ave99.com, shopcompareus.com, int.ask.com, clickseekonline.com and on and on.......


                A couple times the browser shuts down and a window pops up saying my system needs immediate antivirus check, and the Microsoft Security Assessment Tool wil perform a quick online check.  As with any windows like this that pop up where I question the truth about them I kill the process in the taskbar rather than click on No or click the X to close the window. Would this be a legit message? (Screenshot is attached)


                Also one more thing, when the search results are listed, if I right mouse button click on a selection and select "Open in new window" from the drop down menu the page opens correctly, I don't get redirected.  Maybe this is a clue??


                I can't think of anything more.  I hope someone can still offer some suggestions to try, other than a complete restore.  I have never had to deal with anything like this.  The 5858 faulty dat file was enough. I don't think this is related but it seems odd.


                Thanks again!


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                  Well, I thought by right mouse button clicking a search results selection and opening the webpage with "Open in new window" from the drop down menu the page would open correctly......I was wrong.   I get redirected.  I guess I didn't test that enough.

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                    That popup from what I read is suspect. When you downloaded MWB did you rename the setup file? Did you put it in another folder name as well when installed and DID you immediately update it?


                    Same super antispyware


                    From what I googled those having this problem are not getting even MWB to clean it. Will have to ask the techs in our call tomorrow if above does not work.

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                      ahhh, I mis-read your instructions I guess. Your saying to rename the setup file first before running the setup.  I didn't do that.  I ran the setups then copied the folder to a temp folder and renamed the executable program.  So I'll un-install the MWB and superantispyware then download again making sure they are updated, then follow your directions.  I'm at work right now but I will try this tonight.   .......fingers crossed.  Thanks much

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                        Hey dable,

                        If you have time at work look up changing the file name for Malwarebytes.Sometimes you can change the mbam.exe file to say explorer.exe.The reason is if you have a virus that it won`t pick it up sometimes.There are some articles on this at Malwarebytes.org or their forums.What i would try if you have the time is to do the research at work quickly (print it) and if your having problems downloading from a site.Go to local book store (barnes and noble,ect.) and see if PCworld or maximum pc magizine has a free disk with their mag.Usually they have malwarebytes or superantispyware on these disks.I believe you can also rename the superantispyware exe file too.By renaming the file you may have a better chance of the malware not picking up the software.                                                                                                                                        good luck jack



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                          Thank you newjack for your reply.


                          So this evening I uninstalled MWB and Superantispyware then downloaded them again but changed the setup.exe file to a bogus name.exe and had them install into a bogus folder I created instead of their default folder names.  Then I renamed the .exe program files to a bogus name.  Then I went into safe mode and ran each. I also downloaded Spybot and also ran in safe mode.  SpyBot was the only one that came back with something.  I attached the reportlog here. The items at the top of the file in the search result list were red and Spybot indicated these were a threat. Would these be safe to remove?


                          I couldn't locate a report log for Superantispyware but there were 5 Adware cookies that it removed.


                          Any other ideas?

                          Wonder if I'm going to have to pay the big bucks to get this fixed.......sigh.


                          Thanks again for any assistance!

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