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    Just another day with Mcafee

      Besides all of the endless problems i am haveing with mcafee.Today i have no site advisor.For some reason i have it on firefox but not IE.I know it will be suggested it was something i did,but i am sure i had it when logging off last night.Where does the frustration end.I am starting to question if i am waiting for the impossible from a once good software vender.At what point do you just get a new antivirus,as so many have already done.Am i waiting for a fix,only to encounter the next nightmare?If i sound bitter i am.When you pay for a new program on a new computer you expect that program to perform.On top of being locked in to the 3 year "great deal"with no out.More amazing is there never seems to be problems before the incredible "we will give you your money back 30 day garauntee"Or at least over the years i have not encountered them.love when you get someone from mcafee(not the volunteers) "I will have to get back to you." Thanks still waiting.Every day seems like something new.Can`t wait for tommorow!Hopefully my computer will still be running.