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    Purge certain events in the Audit Log

      We have tied our ePO into the McAfee Network Security Manager (NSM) so that all events can be tied into one interface.  There is a plug-in that allows you to put in the IP and username to allow it to send events to the NSM. Under Reporting > Audit Log, the problem we are having is that the audit log fills up quickly with numerous events every second saying "username logged in" or "usernamed logged out."  I would like to purge these events without purging any other events, but it appears the only option is to purge records older than X amount of days.  Unlike the event log, you can't purge by a query which is what I would ideally like to do.  I guess it makes sense that you wouldn't want to allow the system to selectively remove audit records, but I would like to keep a record of everything else without all the noise of the login/logout events.  Is this possible, or does anyone know how to prevent the login/logout events from logging in the audit log?



      ePO 4.0

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