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    How to prevent rogue software called "My Security Engine"


      We just had one of our websites infected with a injection. The hackers were redirecting to a site that installed the Rogue Software called "My Security Engine".


      In a virtual system, I noticed that Microsoft Security Essentials was able to stop the downloader called packupdate_build107_2045.exe from running. However, in our environment, we run a mix of unmanaged and epo managed VirusScan 8.5i and 8.7i systems. In my virtual system, I was running and epo managed copy of VirusScan 8.7i. McAfee VirusScan did nort prevent this packupdate_build107_2045.exe from installing. Howver, it started warning about fake trojans after the "My Security Engine" was installed and running in the system tray.


      How can we stop these fakes from running using McAfee VirusScan? It seems a shame that Microsoft Security Essentials can stop it. Our sister campus univeristy has already switched to Microsoft Forefront. Not too sure if we need to switch for that extra proection from these Rogues. Is there anyhting we can do to make the VirusScan software stop these time wasting rogue/pests.


      Any suggestions