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    McAfee is gone, not to come back...

      Sorry McAfee. After realizing you've been lagging my computer all this time (almost as bad as Norton) I was considering the possiblity of parting ways. Now that you 1) updated to a new version without asking me and 2) cut off my internet access requiring me to spend a whole morning on the phone with my ISP to track down the problem, sorry McAfee you're going bye-bye. NORTON/MCAFEE ANTI-VIRUS IS A VIRUS. Please people. Uninstall your McAfee and go with anything else. I'm going with Microsoft Security Essentials, one of the top 3 anti-virus programs and it's 100% FREE with a small footprint to boot!! GOODBYE MCAFEE, IT'S BEEN A PAIN IN THE *** KNOWING YOU!!!!!

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          Sorry to hear you have been having issues and good luck to you in the future.

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            Did your ISP tell you what was wrong, besides McAfee?

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              We had to go to CMD to reset the IP in WinXP, that was it. After I uninstalled McAfee and neither Outlook send/recieve or web browsing worked (timeout), my ISP had me do the following:




              Type at the CMD prompt the following: netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt


              Hit enter, then exit and restart.


              This fixed the connectivity problem which was created by McAfee. It was nice that the ISP was gracious enough to help me as it was purely a software problem. You can find an MS tech article about it here:




              Again, I want to encourage anyone who reads this to replace McAfee with Microsoft Security Essentials or any of the other FREE anti-virus solutions out there. Do not use McAfee, Norton, PC Tools or any of the other expensive and BLOATED AV programs as I believe they are a problem not a solution.

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                As of right now,i can`t say i blame you.With the countless problems mounting and the never ending thought of "what`s next?"Although i have stayed aboard for the duration.I am starting to question my judgement.                                                                                                                                  

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                  I've been where you're at buddy.. I don't think any of us would like to admit we've made a mistake buying into any peice of software, especially when we've had it for years. The realization that McAfee was truly a problem came to me when I installed Win7 on a fast PC only to have it act laggy after installing McAfee. After uninstalling McAfee Win7 was as fast as advertised. I usually don't spend this much time railing against a product, but McAfee is the opposite of a good one: higher cost with lower benefits. I keep bringing up MSE because Microsoft themselves don't say much at all about it for fear of anti-trust lawsuits, but after using it for a few months I'm totally sold.