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    McAfee Agent in Master Repository




      Here is our situation - we're getting ready to start deploying Windows 7 machines, but still have quite a few Windows 2000 machines in the environment. I have the McAfee Agent 4.5 checked into the Evaluation branch of the repository, so we could test with Win7. I want to move this agent to the Current branch. We are currently running CMA 3.6.608, and I know when I move 4.5 into the Current branch, 3.6 will be taken out. What effect will that have on our Windows 2000 machines, as far as getting product updates, etc.? We will be replacing the Win2k boxes, but this will take time, as we phase out some legacy programs. I just want to make sure that products will still be updated, notifications get uploaded, etc.



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          You should be fine - even if you had a deployment task set to install 4.5, it will refuse to install on the Win2k machines anyway.

          I would however strongly recommend that you upgrade the agents on the 2k machines to the latest supported version, which is MA4 Patch 3 (


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