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    DLPWCF Error

      Hi All,


      We had just started using DLP 3.0 and when applying policies to ePO i always receive the following error:


      Failed deploying policy members to reporting database.


      Exception Information:

      Could not find stored procedure



      Hope anyone can help me on this

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          Hope anyone can help me on this please!!!! I already have a logged case in the service portal for this and has been opened for 2 weeks already!!


          The Mcafee SE's is replying every week...jeez...


          I tried calling via Toll Free number but the agent said to wait for the SE to contact me, but until now there's nothing...


          Someone please help!

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            Did you check your DLPWCF service is working properly and connecting to ePO DB? There is a checklist in the install guide, once you install DLPWCF. Check if you are getting any error!


            - AB

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              Hi thanks for the reply! Yes i did the checklist and the testings and no other errors occured.


              the connection to the epo to WCF is working fine as you can see on the screenshot



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                Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling WCF Service?

                Is your WCF Service installed on the SQL Server?

                Ensure that the account WCF uses to connect to SQL has sufficient permissions. Consider using SQL Authentication if you are not already using it.