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    Event Severity for Automatic Responses to Server Alerts

      Hi Ladies & Gents,


      I'm just planning our upgrade to ePO 4.5, and would like to ensure that I am alerted to all major or critical server events.  I can see that there are built-in Automatic responses in 4.5 for Master Respository failed ( Event ID 16003 ) and Repository Replication failed ( 16005 ), but I want to make sure I capture any other server-level events.


      There is an option to filter server events by "Event Severity", but this is a plain-text field (unlike the "Severity" field for Client Events, which allows you to select Major, Critical etc).


      Does anyone know whether I can just type in "Major" and "Critical" here, or other wise what I can do to achieve this. Is there a list of event IDs that I am missing somewhere so I can select the ones I want?


      Thanks for any replies ...



      Jon Duffy



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