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    EngineServer.exe runs high CPU Usage

      I am runing VirusScan 8.7i with sp3 and scan enginee 5400.1158. There is a trouble that I never saw when using 8.5i.

      Somehow it's quite stragne that engineserver.exe runs automatically for 2~5 mins when I run programs, especially outlook. It will break out my work with high cpu usage.

      I noticed that it often happened when I ran pattern update or continue using this notebook without shutdown for 5~7 days. So the only way I can do is reboot my notebook or close all programs. I guess maybe there are too much garbage so it needs to take a reset. But sometime it didn't work no mater what I do. So I realy like to know why this process runs so often, and how to fix it.

      Any suggestion? Thanks.