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    McAfee alternative to Trusted Client?


      We're a happy customer of McAfee Endpoint Encryption, others may be aware of a very successful product BeCrypt have brought to the market called Trusted Client.  A fully encrypted cut down version of Linux on USB with secure VPN connection from Juniper which gives employees secure remote access capabilities using their own computers without risk of any local infections they may have.


      Is anyone aware if McAfee have anything in their roadmap for this sort of product, or already provide an alternative equally secure solution?

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          Yes, we've offered the same for a while - we have both Windows and Linux based "OS-on-a-stick" solutions, on biometric and non-biometric secured and EPO managed sticks.


          Your account manager can help you with it, as we only usually offer it to high-end enterprise customers. You can PM me if you like and I'll connect you with the team who deliver it.