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    changing admin password for parental control

      My child has guessed the administrator password for family protection and I am being told that I cannot change it.  Has anyone had this problem and solved it.  The software is now useless!!

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          Peter M

          Per the Help Section in the user interface...


          Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter



          1Open  Parental  Controls.
          On the Home Page, open the Parental Controls drawer, then  click Parental  Controls.
          2On  the main Parental  Controls page, click Change next to Administrator  Password.
          3On  the Change Password page, type your password in the  Current Password field, type a new password in the New Password field, then retype your new password in the  Re-enter field.
          4In  the New Hint field, type a password hint, then click Save.
          5In  the confirmation dialog box, click OK.


          This is assuming it is the latest version you have installed.

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            I think I must have a different version.  I can open family protection but there is nowhere to click change next to administrator.  I have the Verizon version of the software.  Neither verizon support nor Macafee support have been able to help me yet (I am up to my fifth phone call now!)

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              Peter M

              OK you must have the 2009 version and I don't have either so I'll try to steer you in the right directions.


              The Total Protection 2009 User Guide is here:  http://download.mcafee.com/products/manuals/en-us/MTP_userguide_2009.pdf


              Page 141+ had the Parental Controls instructions


              The part regarding passwords says as follows:


              Parental controls uses Windows Users settings so to change them you must log in as a Windows Administrator.


              I gather from what I read the your Windows Admin password should be the one you need to change.


              But it does say this:


              If you have trouble remembering the McAfee administrator password or suspect that it is compromised, you can change it.


              1 Log in to SecurityCenter as the Administrator user.


              2 Open the Users Settings pane.




              1. Under Common Tasks, click Home.


              2. On the SecurityCenter Home pane, click Parental Controls.


              3. In the Parental Controls information section, click Configure.


              4. On the Parental Controls Configuration pane, click Advanced.


              On the Users Settings pane, under McAfee User Accounts, select Administrator, and then click Edit.


              In the Edit User Account dialog box, type a new password in the New Password box, and then retype it in the Re-enter Password box.


              Click OK.


              To Retrieve the McAfee administrator's password


              If you forget the Administrator password, you can retrieve it.


              1 Right-click the SecurityCenter icon , and then click Switch User.


              2 In the User Name list, click Administrator, and then click


              Forgot Password?.


              3 Type the answer to your secret question in the Answer box.


              4 Click Submit.

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                You keep referring to the security center.  I only have two things I can log into:  Family Protection which has no tab for user settings and Security Suite which is stuff like virus protection scans but not family protection or access rules for individual users.  So, I am not sure what you want me to do.  I only got this software in 2010 so it should be the current version.

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                  Peter M

                  Well I guess I was blinded by your header mentioning parental controls, which are part of SecurityCenter normally.


                  I suggest you contact Technical Support Chat via Useful Links above.


                  They are open 24/7 and are probably your best approach as I just did a forum search on the subject and apparently the last Family Protection user guide had an error in it regarding those settings.


                  Sorry about that.



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                    I have the updated version and have forgot the password and my hint is no help what can i do i need the old password to change it.

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                      Peter M

                      If nothing above helps then do as I suggested above and contact Technical Support Chat...linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                        Try changing your Verizon master account password and see if that fixes it for you.

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