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    Supressing pop-up for sbsetup -uninstall?

      Does anyone know if there's a switch or anything you can use to supress the popup at the end of the sbsetup -uninstall command?



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          What is the pop-up? Why it bothers you?

          This task should not be automated under normal circumstances.

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            The popup at the end of the process telling the user to reboot the computer to complete.


            We have a culture here of not dispalying anything to the end user during automated installs/processes. Don't comment on whether that's good or bad. That's not relevent here.


            We are looking at trying to remediate broken installations over a 40k machine base globally without needing techs to go to a machine and diddle with WinTech or SafeTech.

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              You want to fix "broken" installations by running "SBsetup -uninstall"? And you have many broken installations?

              Do you know why they are broken? Maybe it is easier to manage installations rather that automate fixing broken ones.

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                You are usually helpful, peter, but not in this case. Thanks anyway.

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                  I know, most of the time I try to see a grander scheme of events, but you do not want to go there. That's fine.

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                    Sorry for being a bit testy this morning. If I were to give the background on our EEPC situation it would fill a book! We have 40k+ laptops spread across 61 countries managed by hundreds of local techs. We do quite well managing our software offerings as a rule despite the seeming wild west nature of the infrastructure.


                    The short part of the story for this request is that we have had to stop v5.1.x installations from registering in the database. Many issues/reasons behind that. We now are faced with some laptops that have v5.1. being installed but are not able to register so they never start encryption. We can find these via some backend management scripting we have and one proposal was to run the -uninstall command to remove the software then reinstall using our current 5.2.3 package.


                    However, a big BIG requirement in our software deployment procedures is that we show nothing to the end user while this happens. Hence the request for info on disabling the screens that show during this procedure.

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                      If you send me PM, I can reply with some details of our experience. I just don't want to discuss product details of that nature in a public forum.

                      What you describe sounds familiar. We stopped our initial deployment after 500 machines, to re-engineer the whole process. Right now we have about 200K user+machines objects in our database.