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    Can not login Web GUI Linuxshield - further questions / problems



      i am currently testing the antivirus software Linuxshield on Suse Enterprise Desktop 10.0 Clients and i have got several problems:


      1. I can not log into the Web GUI of Linuxshield because I do not know what to fill in for user and password. Linuxshield have been deployed by an ePO Server so that I could not choose a user name or password.
      2. On-access scanning seems to be disable all the time. I tried to start it manually wit the command /opt/NAI/LinuxShield/bin/nails on-access --enable. This error messages follows this command: Failed to connect to Linuxshield command processor.
      3. Is there a possibility to create a report of files which has been detected as virus?
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          Here are some pointers which may help...


          1. When LinuxShield is deployed by ePO, the password for the nails user is not set. To set the password, you'll need to log in as root and use the command:

            passwd nails

            When the password is set, it can then be used to log on to the UI.
          2. You'll probably need to log a support case for this second issue. It sounds as if nailsd is not running as it should be (possibly because of a non-supported kernel?).
          3. You can get this info from ePO, and also under System Events in the LinuxShield UI (User Interface). The UI report can also be exported as a .tsv file.


          Hope some of the above is helpful. As I mentioned, you might want to engage McAfee Technical Support on item 2 - hopefully one of the Linuxshield specialists can get you sorted.







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