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    Mcshield.exe High Virtual Memory Usage

      Hi there,


      After the recent updating for Mcafee a few days ago [I'm not very tech savvy, so I don't know if there's an actual name for the changes. All I know is the icon in the toolbar has changed to a shield], my computer has been running extremely slow and I keep getting the following message: "Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size  of your virtual memory paging file" After searching for solutions, I followed a few steps found in past Mcafee forum threads. I ran scans - both via Mcafee and independent sources - everything is fine.


      I viewed the virtual memory via the task manager and found that mcshield.exe's virtual memory is at 108,700K. [I'm using Windows XP]


      None of this slowness and needing to continually reboot happened until the Mcafee update a few days ago. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
      If anyone does have a solution, please explain it as though you're speaking to a 5 year old. Haha!


      Thanks in advance for your help.

      This issue now hopefully fixed in a release 7 September 2010. The release is being slowly released as users update atm to 4% of users at a time to lower the server load. As of 15 September it is now released to all English releases but still throttled.



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          Am I really the only person experiencing this problem????

          Does anyone have any solutions?
          I am continually rebooting my computer every two hours, otherwise it comes to a complete halt.

          I've already contacted my ISP and they agree the issue is with Mcshield.exe hogging all of my virtual memory.

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            May I suggest you run the McAfee Virtual Technician. MVT is found at the top of this page under Useful Links and will scan your computer for issues related to the McAfee software that is installed on it and if it finds any it will attempt to repair those issues. It generates a session id number which I encourage you to post here on the forum as a reference for a McAfee technician to review.


            Technical Support Chat is also found under Useful Links and is available 24 hours a day and is free. Chat has the ability to remote connect into your computer provided you give them permission to do so and could diagnose your issue(s). They sometimes send a tool depending on what they find along with instructions on how to run the tool and have been able to resolve many problems.


            What is your computer operating system?

            What service pack are you using?

            How do you connect to the internet?

            What web browser do you use?

            Are you up to date with the Microsoft updates?

            How much ram in your computer? 


            This information will assist us in troubleshooting your issue(s)

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              I tried running the MVT yesterday. It ended up saying it couldn't find any McAfee on my computer, which is obviously not right.


              I'm running Windows XP.

              Service Pack 3.

              Verizon Fios.

              Firefox but I've checked using IE and the same issues occur - high virtual memory usage from Mcshield.exe causes everything to run slow, ultimately freezing things.

              Yes, I'm up to date on my Microsoft updates.

              496MB of RAM.


              It's just becoming ridiculous. I didn't have this problem for all of the years I've been using McAfee. It just started after the automatic update a few days back.

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                I'm having the same issue since the last upgrade. Went through the virtual technician, wasted an hour with online chat where everything got uninstalled and reinstalled. I have 2G of RAM, and between last night's install and this morning, it's all of it's component are using over 1.5G of virual memory. And that's without ever doing a scan.


                My system hasn't crashed yet. But based on performance since this last upgrade I can expect it to soon get real sluggish and then I'll have to reboot.


                On top of that, because of the reinstall I now have that stupid anti-spam toolbar in my Outlook Express. I came here to try to find a way to get rid of it. But all I can find is people complaining that it's now missing. I want to remove it.


                Good luck to all of us. I had a feeling buying this product was a mistake, but hoped that after not using it for 4 years they would have fixed some of the issues. Instead I get the same false positives I got then, and still no way to keep it from detecting them, so I have to restore after every scan.


                I hope they do something about this memory issue -- I see a few other posts. But based on past performance, they'll deny it for 2 or 3 months, or until it makes it into a major magazine or website because somebody with clout gets clobbered. I would think that that shouldn't take too long, execpt those people are probably using the Enterprise version and already had their own crash.

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                  Well, I'm sorry it's happening to you also, but at least I'm not the only one. What sucks even more is that I can't seem to get a response or a solution.

                  I've used McAfee for so many years now and I never had such problems. All I know is that it looks like it might be time to switch to a different one. The good news is that I am an editor of a magazine that reviews things... so guess what will be getting a negative review so all of our readers can see how lacking the customer service is at McAfee?

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                    Thanks for your reply to find out more about your issue. I believe you should try contacting Chat as I earlier suggested and ask them to escalate the issue if you don't receive a satisfactory response or continue to have problems. I have requested the moderator(s) to chime in to offer their insight.

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                      Peter M

                      I echo k3tg's suggestion.

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                        If it says no mcafee present that is an indication that uninstall reinstall should be done first. Ok we see OPunWide saysno chop but you should attempt it . Chat will insist as well. Use the MCPR tool in the Useful links tab at top of the page.


                        If they and the uninstall does not work we (Peter and I ) will ask the techs on Mondays call in of we mods.


                        RE OE Do you want AS installed or just the toolbar removed?



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                          I tried the uninstall/reinstall a few days ago. This is so ridiculous and I am beyond annoyed at this point.

                          Mcshield.exe is currently at 108,360K VM. Most of the time, I have to restart my computer manually just to restart because everything is barely moving and/or freezes. I am SO unhappy with what is going on and the fact that it has been near impossible to get a solution. Interestingly enough, web searches about McAfee sucking up VM are plentiful. So, why isn't this an issue that's a top priority in being fixed BEFORE losing more customers. I am so dissatisified and it makes me angry that despite not being inexpensive, I'd have to PAY to speak to someone on the phone for help.

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