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    McAfee pop-ups about protection on other computers/devices on your network

      This is the problem I'm having.


      Every other day I recieve a pop-up ad from my McAfee Antivirus Plus. The ad states that there are computers and devices on my local network  which aren't protected by "McAfee" software. I don't understand why McAfee thinks I need to purchase software to protect my wireless printer, playstation 3 and ipod. It also indicates that other computers on my network need protection for which I already have security software. I have clicked on the link labeled "learn more" in the hopes of finding an option to turn off this unwanted feature and have found nothing but a list of network devices.


      I have searched the support database for information on this problem but have yet to find a solution. I have emailed customer service for which the reply is an automated message that sends me back to the support sited (very annoying when you have already browsed the support site).


      This McAfee advertisement on my computer is very annoying and something I do not want on my computer.


      Has anyone else run across or know of a solution to this problem?


      Your help is appreciated, thank you.