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    Upgrading from 8.5i client to 8.7i client



      I am taking over McAfee ePO for the company I work for.Currently the majority of our machines have 8.5i installed so we are looking at upgrading to 8.7i. I was wonding if there is a way to check in McAfee 8.7i client in ePO without it getting pushed out to the clients. If I check it in under the evaluation branch any client under the current branch shouldn't have 8.7i pushed to them until I move 8.7i to current. But will the clients that check evaluation for updates, basically our Help Desk computers for testing, will they have 8.7i pushed to them automatically?


      If so, Is there a service I can turn off in ePO that will disable the clients from updating automatically so I can push the update to specific computers for testing purposes first?


      Thank you for your help.


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          VSE 8.5i to VSE 8.7i isn't a patch update, it's a full product deployment. Consequently it's going to be controlled by a suitably configured deployment task for VSE 8.7i that you would have to create or modify.

          Just checking in the VSE 8.7i package alone should not result in automatic deployment, even if it's checked into the current branch.


          However for testing it does make sense to check it into the evaluation branch first, it just makes it simpler to identify. You should not need to turn off any services to achieve your testing.

          Check it into evaluation, and set up a deployment task appropriately for your test environment.





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            Thank you for your reply! I thought that when I checked in 8.7i that it would be automatically deployed, which didn't make much sense. Thank you for the clarification!