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    epo server is busy (VS8.5)



      I wonder can you help.

      We keep getting an error when doing an agent wakeup call saying "epo server is busy"

      Here is an extract from an agent log:


      1540    naInet    Reading acknowledgement from ePO Server
      2010-05-04 10:26:09    I    #1540    naInet    HTTP return code: HTTP/1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


      2010-05-04 10:26:09    I    #1540    naInet   
      2010-05-04 10:26:09    I    #1540    naInet    ePO Server is busy and not accepting anymore connections
      2010-05-04 10:26:09    I    #1540    naInet    Received response [503 Server Busy] from ePO Server
      2010-05-04 10:26:09    I    #1540    naihttp    failed to receive package..server is busy
      2010-05-04 10:26:09    I    #1540    naInet    Uploaded file : C:\WINXP\profiles\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\Unpack\pkg00129174387694970000_3153.spkg to Server successfully
      2010-05-04 10:26:09    I    #1540    imsite    NaInet library returned code == 12
      2010-05-04 10:26:09    I    #1540    naInet    HTTP Session closed
      2010-05-04 10:26:09    i    #1540    Agent    ePO Server is busy
      2010-05-04 10:26:09    i    #1540    Agent    Agent communication session closed


      Support have advised me to increase agent-to-server communication time from 60 mins to 180 mins.

      + add a second processor on to our ePO server and allow this 12 hours.

      We have done all this but we are still getting the same errors.


      It looks very similar to this reported problem:


      however the only difference is we are running VS8.5patch 8, not VS8.7.


      McAfee are also receommending patch 1 for ePO 4.5, as it apparently corrects an issue with reading PerfMon counters. However our servers are running Win2003 64bit, not 2008 as described in the knowledge base.


      As I am waiting back from McAfee support for further instructions, can anyone else advise on this.

      Please find further info:


      2 WIN2003 64Bit servers (One is an application server and one holds SQLDB) Boh on SP2.

      10,000+ clients in environment.

      SQL Server running SP3.

      Agent 4.00 patch 3

      VirusScan 8.5i Patch 8

      ePO 4.5 : Build 753.





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          Hmm, you and I are in the exact same boat.


          All workstations are VSE 8.5i Patch 8

          Server is EPO 4.5 Build 851 (I think that's SP1?)

          Windows 2003 server (32-bit)


          3,500 workstations

          Using SQL 2005 express


          Server has 4 GB RAM and dual Xeon CPU



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            Just curious- if you regedit on one of the clients having the problem.

            Check the reg key  hklm\software\mcafee\vscore and the string preferredLanguage- is this blank?

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              Why, yes it is blank.

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                I should mention our EPO server communication interval is set for 240 minutes (like we had it on EPO 3.6.1)


                I'm not sure if this is the fix, as I've only tried it on one machine so far, but I applied McAfee Agent 4.0 Patch 3 (so it's version


                It worked on the one pc I tried it on.


                I'll have to experiment on some more.

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                  Thanks for coming back.

                  I've been told by McAfee that the problem is reolved by installing patch 1 for ePO 4.5.

                  Will endevour to do this and report back.

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                    I'm 99% sure that EPO 4.5 build 851 IS patch1 (that's what we're running) and if so, then it's not ifxed in EPO 4.5 patch1

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                      Upgraded to patch 1 and it fixed this problems straight away.

                      There is a fix for "Data Channel" included in this patch. I beleieve it has something to do with a deadlock between ePO and SQL.



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                        For us, the fix was 3 parts:


                        a)  Upgrade the SERVER to EPO 4.5 Patch2.  The reason for this is that in Patch1, it would NOT disable the epo server's master repository so I had thousands of machines hammering at the server for updates.


                        b)  Upgrade the AGENTS to (mcafee agent 4.0 patch 2)


                        c)  We had a bad image go out from the helpdesk so I had a bunch of machiens with duplicate GUID's


                        The fix for "c" was really to use "b" with the /forceinstall (apparently prior versions of 4.0 agent would not whack the GUID)

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                          Hi kjhurni,


                          can you please clarify what you meant by this: "The reason for this is that in Patch1, it would NOT disable the epo server's master repository so I had thousands of machines hammering at the server for updates."


                          As we are facing a similar problem. We upgraded from Server Version 4.0 to 4.5 (Build 851) but didn't upgrade any clients, so the majority is running on MA4.0 (1421).

                          Since then we are facing the following issues:

                          -  In the Agent monitor: epo Server is busy

                          - DAT-Updates are distributed however, Policy updates are likely not deployed due to the fact that agents can't connect to the server.


                          We have a single server (single repository), around 10k clients, in majority we use VSE8.5 and some 8.7.

                          From a server specification point of view, we should be able to cover 50k clients.


                          We already tried different versions of the MA on single machines, however, maybe that would only have an effect if we deploy it on a large number of clients.

                          On weekends, when half of the machines are turned off, we don't see this issue. So, it's seems to be a workload issue on the apache.


                          Many thanks!

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